Vanessa Carter

Vanessa Carter
International e-Patient Activist. Founder of hcsmSA.
Co-founder of hcsmAFRICA.

Johannesburg, South Africa

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e-Patient Speaker
Creative Director
Online Marketing and SEO
Medical Websites
Antibiotic Resistance (MRSA) and Facial Differences
Disability Inclusion
Digital Empowerment for Women (e-Women)
Founder of #hcsmSA
Co-founder of #hcsmAFRICA
Digital Empowerment for HCP’s (e-Doctor)

Vanessa is an internationally recognised South African Facial Difference and MRSA (Antibiotic Resistance) e-Patient speaker. She is also the founder of hcsmSA which is an acronym for Health Care Social Media South Africa. There are currently over 30 hcsm virtual
eHealth geographic communities and members meet to discuss
issues pertaining to healthcare frequently.

Vanessa was the creative director of Artext, a design company which she established in 1997. In 2004, due to a severe car accident in Johannesburg she spent ten years through the medical system reconstructing damage done to her face with a multi-disciplinary team.

In 2013, she used her patient experience and online marketing skills to diversify her business services by including medical website design with animated patient education because one of the biggest issues she experienced was the lack of online specialists and accurate resources.

Vanessa is an advisory board member for Doctors 2.0 and You, Paris, EyeforPharma, Docola, InfectionControl.Tips and The Walking Gallery of Healthcare by Regina Holliday. She is also a citizen partner of the Women Advancement Forum in Africa.

Vanessa has been accepted to present a rapid report about her e-Health research in South Africa at the Stanford University Medicine X | Ed 2017 conference in Silicon Valley 22-23 April. Her abstract can be read here. She has also been appointed as an accredited social media ambassador at the #HIMSS17 conference in Orlando, USA 19-23 February.

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