Awareness-raising on Antimicrobial Resistance: Report of global consultation meetings
World Health Organisation

I beat an antibiotic-resistant infection – but only just

How do we change behaviour around antimicrobial resistance?
Uppsala University

CIDRAP Podcast
In the locker room and in the hospital: MRSA

Superbugs and You:
True Stories from Scientists and Patients Around the Globe

A courageous battle against antibiotic resistance
An interview by the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP)

What Do You Do When Your Doctor Tells You Not To Google?
An article was written by e-Patient Scholar Marie Ennis-O’Connor for the Powerful Patients Network

Actions We Must Take | Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition
A video produced for the UN High-Level meeting for AMR, 29 April by the Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition

Tackling AMR: A high-level interactive dialogue
A video about patient survivors for the UN High-Level meeting for AMR on 29 April by Longitude Prize

Vanessa Carter: 3 years of surviving a drug-resistant infection made me want to create change
An interview with React Group Africa

How do we change behaviour around antimicrobial resistance?
A podcast interview with Uppsala University Health Summit

All Things AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance)
A podcast interview with Edwin Panford-Quainoo

My Journey as an ABR Survivor: Lessons
Prevent-it webinar series, India

The Wearables Expert
The Wearables Expert ™ Interviews Vanessa Carter

Resistance Fighters
Vanessa Carter, Antibiotic Resistance e-Patient Scholar | Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition

Yahoo News
Mother, 42, reveals car crash left her battling an antibiotic-resistant infection

Saturday Star, South Africa
Sanitiser superbug: Concern over disinfectant-resistant bacteria which could cause another pandemic

British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC)
Speaking from experience: Why involving patients is vital if we’re serious about tackling AMR

Imperial College London
Raising Awareness of AMR during lockdown

Wellcome Trust – SEDRIC
The Global Response to Drug-resistance Infections Webinar

Turning the unknown into common knowledge in the race to limit antimicrobial resistance

Antibiotic Research UK
Stories from the frontline of antibiotic resistance during COVID-19 – Longitude Prize Report 2020

React Africa
World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2020

11 Health IT Leaders to Follow

Zenith Global Health – Precious Moments Podcast
What is Antibiotic Resistance? Why we should care. A patient perspective.

FDI World Dental Federation Future Learn Course
Tackling Antibiotic Resistance: What Should Dentists Do?

Imperial College London
Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance: A Social Science Approach

Ikana Media
Antimicrobial Resistance: An online course for everyone

ReAct Africa and Africa CDC webinar
Presentation: What civil society organisations can learn from the COVID-19 infodemic for antimicrobial resistance

The Health Design Podcast
A patient narrative for antimicrobial resistance

COVID-19: One Health Lessons For The Future: #hcsmSA Twitter chat review
The Appian Project

Science & Tech feature: – Govt urged to use the power of digital in delivery of health care for all Guest: Vanessa Carter
Radio 702

South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) and Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FINDdx)
Global leaders converge from across Africa to counter AMR and to help the global fight

Emergency Live
Ukukhulula amandla kwisigulana esidijithali
(Releasing the power of the digital patient)

Philips Tweetchat
How will better AI ensure better patient care | #Philipschat

Omnia Health – Informa Markets
Considering e-Patients in the age of digital consumerism

ASPIRES – Imperial College London 
International collaborative networks to optimise infection-related outcomes

Standard Bank – Top Women Awards
Getting Africa into Top Tech Condition

Africa CDC and React Africa
Key Take-Aways from a Civil Society Capacity Building Meeting held in Kenya for Antimicrobial Resistance in Africa

World Health Organisation
Vanessa’s long journey with a drug-resistant infection

World Health Organisation: Prof. Benedetta Allegranzi (IPC/WHO HQ)
Minimum requirements for starting the implementation of the WHO core
components of infection prevention and control programmes: a new approach

Bode Science Centre
Research for Infection Prevention

DRASA Health Trust
Supporting the Fight Against Superbugs with Africa CDC

Imperial College London
Becoming a patient advocate for antimicrobial resistance

Bulawayo 24 News
HIV, TB, STIs wreak havoc in SA

International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control
How and why was #ICPIC2019 a patient-included event?

Wellcome Trust
World Antibiotic Awareness Week Patient Advocacy Campaign 2019

Longitude Prize
Q&A: Drug-resistant MRSA survivor describes advocacy journey

Foundation for New Diagnostics (FINDdx)
Voices for Diagnostics in AMR award winners press release

What is an e-Patient?
A radio interview with Rise FM 94.3 South Africa

Science & Tech feature: – Govt urged to use the power of digital in delivery of health care for all Guest: Vanessa Carter
An interview with Cape Talk, South Africa

Q&A: Drug-resistant MRSA survivor describes patient journey
An interview with Vanessa Carter and the Longitude Prize, UK

The global impact of health IT:
Featuring Vanessa Carter, e-Patient Scholar as a co-moderator during the #HITsm Twitter chat

Unleashing the Digital Patient
Explanation about e-Patients as a lead up to Africa Health 2019 (#AfricaHealthExb)

Prescribing Social Media for Doctors 
An interview with eHealthNewsZA

Patient Empowerment Network
What does it mean to be an empowered patient?

Intermountain Healthcare interview at HIMSS17
Interview with Intermountain Healthcare at HIMSS17 about Patient Engagement in a Digital Age

Exploring Global Health IT in the name of Antibiotic Resistance
A global Tweetchat held on the 30th of November 2018

It’s going to take a collaborative effort in e-Health  
Stanford University blog featuring Vanessa Carter

What it means to be a good digital citizen
Quote featured on blog

How to become an Antibiotic Guardian for Animal Health
Featured on the National Animal Health Forum, South Africa

Philips: HIMSS17
Interview at HIMSS17 with Philips

How we’re fighting Antimicrobial Resistance in South Africa

An e-Patient perspective on design thinking: eHealthNewsZA
Understanding patient-centred design and digital innovation in South Africa and The Canadian Press
A patient’s call for more education around excessive antibiotic use and superbugs

Society of Participatory Medicine
Closing the Gaps in South African Health with e-Patients

Celebrating our differences
An interview with Doctors 2.0 and You about liberty in healthcare globally

Social Spotlight on the hcsmSA founder and moderator, Vanessa Carter
An interview on

Healthcare Conferences – An e-Patient Perspective
Interview with (USA)

Considering facial differences as part of your diversity and inclusion strategy in South Africa 
Article about the issues pertaining to the employment sector for disabled citizens

Social Innovation in South Africa’s health care sector using TweetChats
An abstract submitted to the Medicine and the Arts MOOC by the University of Cape Town

Story of a facial reconstruction ePatient from South Africa
Le Demain – French Interview (Doctors 2.0 & You, 2015)

Why Should Health Care be online in South Africa
Improving online resources for health care globally

An interview with Philips at HIMSS17 in Orlando, USA
Innovation matters in health IT

An interview with Meditech
Empowering Patients with Digital Technologies and Design Thinking

An interview with HealthITnews
The Art of Medicine and Health IT at HIMSS17

Interdisciplinary craniofacial teams for facial difference patients in South Africa
An abstract submitted to the Medicine and the Arts MOOC by the University of Cape Town

Symplur analytics
Healthcare Conferences: A Patient Perspective