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What is hcsmSA? is an ideation of a connected health network using web 3.0 and smart technology to collect holistic data for precision medicine in South Africa.


Why should health care connect?

The acronym hcsm represents Health Care Social Media. Virtual online medical communities can be used to educate, accelerate innovation, centralize big data for genomics research and improve access. There are many global hcsm communities which are geographic due to environmental differences and they include United Kingdom (UK), Europe (EU) and Ghana (GH).

With the third version of the internet underway (web 3.0), health care has the opportunity to be Re-Imagined around the issues which have placed stress on our public systems. Digital technology can be utilized to improve access to treatment and handle administration more effectively as well as economically.

Precision Medicine needs Holistic Data

In the past few years, there has been a dramatic rise in disease and bacterial mutations like MRSA, (Resistance against conventional antibiotics). This presents a massive issue to everyone globally and the underlying causes are not possible to pinpoint because we don’t gather sufficient data. An influx of digital innovation is addressing these issues, however, if each of these work in isolation, data will continue to be unhelpful in segments in the mission to design more effective treatments globally.