Ideation of


What is hcsmSA? is an ideation of a connected health network using web 3.0 and smart technologies to collect holistic data for precision health in South Africa.

Why should Healthcare Connect?
The acronym hcsm represents Health Care Social Media. Virtual online medical communities can be used to educate, accelerate innovation, centralise big data for genomics and improve access to healthcare services. There are currently over 30 geographic hcsm communities which include United Kingdom (UK), Europe (EU) and Ghana (GH).

With the third version of the internet underway (web 3.0 / health 3.0), we have an immense opportunity to re-imagine our health systems globally. Digital technology can be utilised to improve access to treatment and handle administration more efficiently. Patient communities will also play a pivotal role towards closing communication, navigation and support gaps.

Precision Health needs Holistic and Agile Data